Praise for Everybody's Shadow...

I enjoy the lyric poems of Ken Luber. They have the smell and feel of southern California bodies: in cities, in mountains, in deserts. Taken together they create a multi-dimensional portrait of a romantic, thoughtful sensibility in the acts of memory and reverie.


Ken Luber’s is a wordsmith in its truest sense.   A beautiful mixture with hints of Judaic, and Buddhist teachings intertwined like song lyrics.  From Love, Loss, and Death, his poetry takes me to places I don’t always want to go, but leave me richer for taking the journey.

Daniel Burch Fiddler,
author of "I was a younger brother & How I survived childhood"


Dear Ken,
Your poems are so beautiful--they moved me so. I hope my blurb does them justice.  Thank you for including me in this new journey of yours.  I LOVE the cover of your book---and I will be so honored to have a copy. 


Ken Luber's poetry collected in "Rhythm Of The Dance " is moving and beautiful; crystalline vision, exquisite imagery. At times tender, "A Wisp Of  Woman".  At times passionate and stirring, "Can You Hear My Voice".  At other times, joyful and soaring, "Each Day." It's a collection that will refresh your soul -- poems that you will want to read again and again.

Natalie Bates, Novelist, Playwright.